Available Lesson Times

Here is a list of the times that I have available for the coming month. If you can give me a list of your first choices and also a list of second choices I will be able to accommodate everyone’s requests. Lesson times are booked on a first come first served basis. You can either email your request to DrewJazzInfo@me.com or leave a message at 303.903.7373. I will email you a confirmation of your lesson times. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy below. See you soon!

******* July  ********

(June) Thursday 6/30  Р8:00

Tuesday 7/5 – 5:00, 8:00

Tuesday 7/12 – 6:30, 8:00
Wednesday 7/13 – 6:30, 8:00

Wednesday 7/20 – 8:00
Thursday 7/21 – 6:30, 8:00

Tuesday 7/26 – 6:30, 8:00
Wednesday 7/27 – 6:30

If you are not currently one of my students but are interested in starting lessons you must contact me first to see if I have room in the schedule for new students.

Cancellation Policy

I have a reserved-lesson-time-policy. Here’s how it works:

– You may reserve as many lessons as you like. Once you have reserved a time you are responsible for for paying for that lesson whether you are there or not. If you need to cancel your lesson the first thing we will try to do is reschedule your time. A rescheduled lesson must be taken before your next regularly scheduled lesson, or within one week if you do not have another lesson already scheduled.

– If you are not able to reschedule I will try to fill your lesson time with another student.

– If we are unable to reschedule or resell your lesson time then you must pay a $25 cancellation fee (instead of, not in addition to, your normal lesson rate) for that lesson.

– No-show lessons will not be made up and must be paid for in full. If you are canceling or rescheduling your lesson please call the studio at 303-903-7373.

If I need to cancel I will either reschedule your lesson or issue you a credit toward you next month’s tuition